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    National Hotline: 0519-88900888

    Technical support: 13915064427

    Enterprise style Hand in hand, together with you to shape the future
    Four advantages to bring you a full range of protection Focus on every detail, because we better understand your needs
    • Brand strength 01

      All aspects of the product chain to meet the market demand

      Specialized in the production of various drying equipment, pharmaceutical mechanism, chemical equipment famous manufacturers

      Products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and sideline products, light industry, heavy industry and other industries

    • Product strength 02

      We will give you the products with high quality and good price

      Engaged in the production and management of mechanical processing has a history of more than 20 years

      Bold to introduce the advanced concept of physical and chemical enterprise management, pay attention to the absorption of talents and scientific and technological innovation

    • Production strength 03

      Drawing on international advanced management experience, has a sound and mature management system

      Attract high quality talents continuously and inject fresh blood into the team

      Good at drawing lessons from international advanced management experience to ensure efficient and orderly operation of all departments

    • Quality Assurance 04

      Build a perfect customer service system

      Installation, repair, maintenance are strictly implement the national three guarantees policy, with the strength of the commitment to serve every customer

      7*24 hours professional customer service, quick response, quick solution, for customers to eliminate worries

    News and information Connection industry cutting-edge information
    About us One-stop service provider of modified PC overall solution


    Your reliable drying equipment production expert

    Changzhou greite chemical engineering co., LTD was established in 1985, the company covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, the construction area of more than 10,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 50 people, specializing in the production of chemical equipment, drying equipment, self-import and export. 30 years since its establishment, the company high starting point, the product made careful, after-sales service in place, and constantly improve the quality of our products is well received by customers, especially cooperation with Japanese companies in 2004, is Japan's technical guidance, to further improve product quality, is well received by the japanese-owned enterprises, makes our products successfully enter the Japanese market, For more than ten years, our company has made use of Japan's advanced technology and advanced manufacturing concept, and our products have been constantly improved. 

    Cooperation with thousands of customers because of good quality
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